I made it into T.O.A.F.!

I am super excited to announce that I made it through the juried application process and qualified to participate in this years 60th anniversary of the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair! 

It's safe to say it was the most elaborate application process I have participated in. There were zoom meetings with the organizers to help you prepare your application as well as phone call appointments to critique your application. TOAF is a well oiled 60 year old machine. I am so excited to be able to part of this years 60th anniversary event. It will look a little different this year since. With the pandemic situation they have decided to have just the online component. Which they started last year so I have complete confidence it will run smoothly and be a great success. 

For me one of the greatest challenges is capturing my work with good quality images. The reflective resin top can make it a little tricky. Since it will just be an online show these images will be super important. I have found some tricks along the way. I photograph each piece (when I remember or get reminded by good friends) before I apply the resin, then again after the resin.

reflective resin surface on landscape painting

Save the date! July 2-11, 2021!

Last years collection of TOAF Artists. I am so honoured to be part of this years collection! I hope I make the cut next year too and can attend in person.

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair downtown scene


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