If you don't love food, we can't be friends.

I love food! I love to cook, eat, discover and learn all about food. My partner and I fell in love talking recipes. Our first movie date was Julie & Julia. It's safe to say it's a daily conversation in our home especially during the pandemic. We have spent an insane amount of money on food during the lockdown. 

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I also love watching cooking and travel shows and dreaming of the day we can travel again. Every time I travel, first question is what's special to eat here? I learned today that one of my absolute favourite food and travel shows, Somebody Feed Phil, has an older series that I had never heard of before, "I'll Have What Phil's Having". Phil Rosenthal is the such a quirky, lovable, guide. I just love his enthusiasm and child like pure happiness over good food. When Phil's show toured stopped in Montreal he enjoyed smoked meat from Schwartz's  and my favourite, perhaps not as well known, Olive & Gourmando. (You have to try their Almond Croissants). It endeared Phil to me forever that the top of my list for Montreal was the same as his. 

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Also loving Stanley Tucci, Searching for Italy. I would so love to visit Italy. Top of my bucket list fore sure! Stanley is an amazing tour guide (and so loveable) and he provides a great peek into Italy's most famous foods.

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